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The best among you are those who bring greatest benefits to many others.

Darrasa helps families and children, in Singapore and Indonesia, in terms of supplies for education and educational services. We have always been grateful to our kind sponsors and donors who gave generously to help with the students and families. We would like to invite more change makers to join us in facilitating a better future for the children and generations to come.

Sponsor a Child

Darrasa knows that everyone is not born equal. Sometimes, all it needs is an opportunity to help break the poverty cycle and allow social mobility to take place. Darrasa works with families who are not well off; not by choice or due to lifestyle. Families struggle to maintain or even possess basic learning stationery for their children. Paid enrichment activities are not heard of for these families. Tuition is off the table as education is secondary to daily survival needs. For some families, cost of therapy services for their child is too costly; hence they have to pick and choose certain services that they deem more important based on their affordability.

By sponsoring a child, you will help to fund for the tutoring or educational service that Darrasa provides for the child in need. We will also help to purchase and replenish educational resources and materials for the child so that they are able t study in a conducive manner. This will also help the parents’ focus to be fully concentrated on other things that matter like the expenses for the house, food, health and others.

We help to link beneficiaries to kind donors and sponsors. For long term sponsors, we will be able to share reports of the child’s and family’s progress so that sponsors are able to know and feel the difference that their contribution makes to the beneficiaries. Not all heroes wear capes right?

Overseas Sponsorship

Darrasa’s founders, along with their family members and other kind donors, have been funding TPQ Az-Zainab (Taman Pendidikan Al-Quran Az-Zainab) in Malang, Surabaya, as the main sponsored school in Indonesia. Funds were utilized for the construction of a new level at the building and it co-exists with a current school. It serves the immediate communities around its area and with the funds sponsored, the school was able to support the students and struggling families there too. Teachers are paid minimally, so with funds from kind sponsors, they will receive additional allowance for their monthly needs too.

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Picture taken in September 2020. Children receiving Sponsor’s funds.

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