Our Educational Services

Darrasa offers individual and small group-based tutoring sessions based on the needs of the child and availability of suitable tutors and volunteers. We work with students who are struggling in school or have a likelihood to struggle in schoolwork, be it based on learning needs or lack of opportunities to do so.

Therapist work with child paper

We are also able to work with children who may have one or more of these difficulties:

  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • Specific Learning Difficulties (e.g. dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia)
  • Down Syndrome
  • Speech & Language difficulties
  • Physical & Motor difficulties

We quote prices that are affordable for families as we believe that learning should be accessible and affordable to all. This is also possible with donations and sponsorships from individuals and organisations to subsidise the cost of fees for the tutors and/or therapists and program. The fees range from $80 to $140 per hour. For specialist service such as speech & language therapy or occupational therapy, the fees will range from $160 to $220 per hour. (please note that these prices are before subsidised rates for eligible families)

We are able to provide the following services for children and families:

  • Academic Tutoring
  • Educational Therapy/ Special Education
  • Social Skills
  • Speech & Language Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy

Individual Sessions

We will engage parent and child to find out the abilities and needs of the child. Tutors will then be assigned to the child for the program. Individual learning goals will be set for the child and sessions may be conducted in the home of the child.

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Boot Camp Activity

Boot Camps

We conduct boot camps to work on soft skills and ‘hard’ skills that a child and a family may benefit from. We have conducted and aim to organize workshops and camps to focus on family bonding, study smart strategies, confidence building skills, leadership skills, social skills groups and even life-skills such as cooking!

SPED support

We are able to support and provide individualised special education (SPED) support for students aged 3 and up. Therapists and SPED teachers will be assigned to the family to help cope with the learning needs of the child and we will also be able to assist and guide parents on the possible academic pathways of the child. If needed, we will be on hand to assist and ensure that families are appropriately supported by the social workers or family counsellors to ensure that support is given not just to the child, but to the caregivers too.

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