Our Beliefs

Welcome to Darrasa! Darrasa believes in empowering underprivileged children and children with special needs. Our educators and volunteers facilitate educational programs and bootcamps. To better our community’s lives, we provide necessary resources for underprivileged families too.

Recent causes: Due to COVID- 19, efforts of our volunteers and generous donations from our sponsors, we were able to deliver fun packs, food and vouchers to the needy families and Grab drivers in Singapore.

Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners. -John Holt-


Individual / Group Session

Children will benefit from our panel of experienced Darrasa Tutors or Allied Educators (for children with learning needs). We can arrange for individual sessions or small group session for learning. We believe in keeping our group numbers low to maximise the learning potential of the child. Parents have informed us too, that after our bootcamps and seminars, they have seen amazing changes in their child’s confidence. Please contact us if you would like your child to be taught by a Darrasa Tutor or Allied Educator.

Teachers! Special Education teachers! Do join us as a tutor or Allied educators and GET IN TOUCH with us!

Public Engagement

Our volunteers join in our mission and represent our donors’ contribution to old folks home, orphanages, disabled and needy families to raise public awareness. GET IN TOUCH with us if you think Volunteering is your passion!

Be a Darrasa Sponsor

You can donate to be a sponsor. No amount is too small to us. The funds received will be used to offset operational costs of programs and fees for children and families under Darrasa’s supported beneficiaries. Thank you for your contributions.

If you would like to know more about our Sponsor a Child program, click HERE.

Please scan the SGQR code below to sponsor/donate to Darrasa’s initiatives.

Alternatively, PayNow to UEN: T20LL1367A to donate/sponsor today!

What other parents say…

My son always looks forward to their lesson. He is a child with autism and seeing him happy makes our day!

Thank you Darrasa for your help!


My daughter has loved being taught by Darrasa Tutor for the last 5 years. The refreshing learning approaches made her feel the difference in her studies and I’m so proud that she has been accepted into University next year!

― V , Grade 12 parent

Our Success


Still serving and hope to reach more to come.


If our students don’t succeed or have not shown improvements, then we haven’t done our job. Our students’ results and positive smiles are always our pride and fuel to help more people.


10 years of empowering lives. We know how it feels like to be underprivileged.

About Us

We are a for-profit social enterprise that has served the community since 2010.

We empower children, knowing their styles of learning and inculcating lifelong learning skills.


2 Venture Drive

Vision Exchange, #14-02

Singapore 608526

Office: 62050955

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