Join us in giving in Ramadhan on LaunchGood!

Salam! If you join the LaunchGood Ramadan Challenge by scheduling your giving through this link, our campaign will receive $100 USD per person that joins by March 23: Yep. $100. And all you have to do is sign up. You can choose to donate during just the last 10 nights or all 30 daysContinue reading “Join us in giving in Ramadhan on LaunchGood!”

8 tips: Working with children with ADHD

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since the last posting (sorry!). Today we would like to share with you some tips and strategies for you to consider when you work with a child with ADHD. Provide structure – It will help the child know his/her boundaries. When there is no clear structure for the child,Continue reading “8 tips: Working with children with ADHD”

Early Intervention: To do or not to do?

You sit at the sofa and observe your child playing in front of you, in the living area. Your child seems fixated on spinning the ball or spinning the clip. You see that your child has short attention span on things that particularly don’t interest your child, even though other children seems to enjoy thoseContinue reading “Early Intervention: To do or not to do?”

Which therapy service comes first?

This is the most frequently asked question that most parents have asked us: which therapy service should be done first? The answer is simple: what does your child need at this point in time? I know it is a counter-question, but this is an important question for parents to reflect on. If the child hasContinue reading “Which therapy service comes first?”

It takes someone special to take care of a special person…

I read a news article today on how in 2019, a mother sank deep into depression and resorted to killing her son and took her own life after she committed the deed. It made me really upset and wonder, why must it end this way? In all honesty, who are we to judge a caregiverContinue reading “It takes someone special to take care of a special person…”

Giving & Receiving

In this current COVID-19 climate, the workforce and economic situation is depressing for some families. Job losses, income losses, uncertainty over where the next income is coming from but knowing that the expenses are mounting day-by-day. This is especially worrying for families who have members that need extra care and support, medically or academically. IContinue reading “Giving & Receiving”

Different? Unique?

There is an increased level of awareness for people with special needs in Singapore nowadays. This is definitely good for all of us, especially for our children and the next generations. Good in the sense that there could be an increased level of self-awareness, an increased level of understanding from the general public and anContinue reading “Different? Unique?”

People around Us

Good morning! I am intrigued by the sharing of a few paragraphs in a book by a friend this morning. I could not help but think, “How appropriate!” The writer wrote in one of the paragraphs about how people surround themselves with others who either elevates them or brings them down. These people around anContinue reading “People around Us”

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