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A Darrasa member is an advocate, an empowering individual who positively influences lives that he/she touch. A Darrasa member is a change-maker.

The positive outcomes of tomorrow starts from the single step today…

Darrasa Founder

Darrasa Member

As a registered Darrasa Member, you will be able to get first-hand information and learn more about Darrasa’s initiatives that will help the community. A registered Darrasa Member will be given a code for recognition and network building. Darrasa Members may also earn allowance based on different programs available exclusively for members.


A Darrasa member will be the advocate for the Darrasa families and clients. With increased awareness and information, members will be able to empower families by allowing them better opportunities through better support and services.


Darrasa members will be able to join the current Darrasa network and they will be able to grow their personal network as well. Championing self empowerment and support for members, members will be able to share their personal projects and products to a wider community.

Price: $ 100.00

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Note: New Darrasa Member’s unique registration code will only be issued via email upon successful payment online. Prospective members, please be advised that no cash transaction should take place without Darrasa’s written approval and it is strongly encouraged to make the payment online.

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