A social enterprise that specializes in working with children with needs and the families.

Every child deserves to get the support and education he or she deserves.

Darrasa primarily provides educational services to the families and children. Be it for tuition, extra support or special education services, the child will receive the necessary support according to the child’s needs and we work closely with families to ensure that they feel supported and empowered.

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Call to Action!

Salam! If you join the LaunchGood Ramadan Challenge by scheduling your giving through this link, our campaign will receive $100 USD per person that joins by March 23:


Yep. $100. And all you have to do is sign up. You can choose to donate during just the last 10 nights or all 30 days of Ramadan. Can’t make the March 23 date? Our campaign will *continue earning $50* for each sign-up between March 24 and April 8 so there’s still time for you to schedule your giving after Ramadan starts and help our campaign out!

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