Which therapy service comes first?

This is the most frequently asked question that most parents have asked us: which therapy service should be done first?

The answer is simple: what does your child need at this point in time? I know it is a counter-question, but this is an important question for parents to reflect on.

If the child has issues only related to communication or speech & language development, then usually speech & language therapy is needed. If the child has issues only related to gross & fine motor skills, then the physiotherapy or occupational therapy service should help to address the needs and developmental gaps. If the child has behavioural and emotions management issues, behavioural therapy services like ABA or CBT is needed. If the child has issues with learning and thinking skills, then specialised educational therapy should do the trick to address the issues.

But usually, the children have comorbidity issues. This means they have more than one issue to work on. If this is the case, so which one should parents choose to work on first? It is important to take note that researchers have found that there is a pyramid of learning and that the body’s sensory needs have to be taken care of before learning can take place. If the child is not comfortable due to hunger for example, the child will not be able to concentrate on what is being taught in class. If the child has emotional issues, anger or sadness or frustration, and this is not resolved, then the likelihood of the child not learning anything at that point in time is high too. Therefore the understanding of the child, knowing what the child needs to do, before taking on therapy services is very important.

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