It takes someone special to take care of a special person…

I read a news article today on how in 2019, a mother sank deep into depression and resorted to killing her son and took her own life after she committed the deed. It made me really upset and wonder, why must it end this way?

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In all honesty, who are we to judge a caregiver who has been through a lot caring for a special person, be it a special child or a special adult? Caring and support for the caregiver is also as important as caring for the person with special needs. Caregivers need to know that there are more people around who will be there to support them and share their concerns. There are success stories, there are inspiring role models for parents and caregivers too.

We are proud to share such an inspiring story here. Darrasa is heartened to share this inspiring story with everyone.

Mdm Magdalene Ong, mother of a son with autism, founded Singapore Special Voices and Singapore Special Community to reach out to other parents and children with special needs through dancing, singing and music playing. She shares with parents and caregivers how to manage and care for children with special needs and she overcame a lot of challenges to make her son, Chalmers Wong, the person he is today.

Chalmers Wong, 16 years old, has his own online art gallery ( and was a winner of Goh Chok Tong Enable Award in 2019. Click on the link above to see Chalmers’ art gallery. Listed below is his story, as told by Mdm Magdalene, to be shared with other parents so that they are able to hear the struggles and journey undertaken by Mdm Magdalene and Chalmers.

Though the journey may not be easy, and the struggles can be daunting, with understanding, care and kindness, the walk in this life will be much easier; especially when you know that you are not walking alone.

To all parents and caregivers of children and people with special needs, please know that there are support groups and organizations like Darrasa and Singapore Special Community who are always ready to listen and support you. You are chosen because you are special and walk on, with your head held high.

We would like to express our thanks to Mdm Magdalene and Chalmers for letting us share their journey. They are an inspiration to all of us.

We would also like to hear more stories from other parents and caregivers too. Contact us directly so we may reach out to you. We are stronger when we are together and when we support each other.

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