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In this current COVID-19 climate, the workforce and economic situation is depressing for some families. Job losses, income losses, uncertainty over where the next income is coming from but knowing that the expenses are mounting day-by-day. This is especially worrying for families who have members that need extra care and support, medically or academically.

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I like this saying, “Dalam rezeki kata, ada juga rezeki orang lain” which means ‘in our sustenance, there is sustenance for others’. Sustenance is a blessing, people relates income to sustenance; hence they associate sustenance to income.

But are you aware that health is a blessing, wealth is a blessing, having free time is a blessing, education is a blessing, knowledge is a blessing and family is a blessing too? We receive these blessings and we can give these blessing to others too.

When we are blessed with the financial means to help others, we could donate it or spend on others to help out. With our knowledge and education, we can share it by teaching others and guiding them to promote independence and empowerment. When we have the free time, it could be put to good use by volunteering our services for good causes, utilising our good health and time for benefit of others. In Islam, Muslims believe that by giving alms and donations to help others, the act of faith will be able to purify their wealth and income that has been blessed upon them. Christians believe in helping and supporting fellow worshippers and Buddhists believe that good karma will come to those who help others.

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